Our truffle dogs are the leading roles of Villa Magna Truffles and they are part of the family. Thanks to their exceptional daily work, we are able to collect fresh products for our customers. Our Love and gratitude for them is infinite and we believe that if we had to use a different method of collecting truffles, much of the poetry of this work would disappear. Many years ago Moreno started training bracco, pointer, spinone and various crossings, but in the recent years, thanks to the research done by Marco, we have focused on the selection of high genealogy lagotto romagnolo.

We present our current brilliant team:


Balù: lagotto romagnolo male
Kety: lagotto romagnolo female
Maia: lagotto romagnolo female


Lula: bracco pointer female
Rambo: lagotto romagnolo male
Dora: lagotto romagnolo female