Marco Moroni tells us about the amazing experience with TripFlip, an American reality produced by Travel Channel television:
“An Italian director with contacts in the U.S. called me with the idea of creating a television format for American networks. The plan was to make a reality with tourists, taking them on a gastronomic journey through Tuscany to discover various products, including truffles.
By the company was required to be available, at no cost, so for us only for promotional purposes, to give a demonstration on how you collect truffles.
The protagonists were two American girls who didn’t know the program of the various tours, so for them it was everything an adventure.
The hunt would take place in early June, so you could just find the black truffle.
I took time to evaluate the opportunity, but at last, considering it positive, I agreed.
I was really excited, there was a lot of emotion because it was in English and it was pretty live, that is, it was a recording, but we could not make correction because times were tight, so there was no proof but just direct shoot.
The experience was made near Arezzo, where I knew there was some truffle, but despite this the dogs had difficulty to find the product because it was not yet fully ripe.
The TV crew was fantastic, there had been a pre-heating made of jokes and jokes. Before recording seemed really to be in a movie.
I underline the difficulties because they spoke an American slang very complicated and it was not always easy to follow them.
The TV shots went well fortunately because dogs have worked fine, even though they were slung with cameras placed on the back. There were 4 cameraman who ran around me in pursuit of the dogs and the final images came clear, very beautiful and professional.
The publicity was great, since the episode was broadcast in the U.S., with millions of viewers, resulting in a great spot for Tuscany and indirectly for our company.
Ultimately it was a very nice, definitely worth repeating!”

Even if you want to try this emotion, you will find all the details HERE.

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