Although Tuscany is one of the most important regions for the truffles picking, only in recent years, thanks to the many efforts made by the institutions, by municipalities and expertise (companies, truffle associations), got the recognized qualification. The Tuscan truffle tradition began long ago, but perhaps, being a region rich in many beauties and products, had not been promoted enough. An important contribution was made by the International Auction of the Tuscan Truffle, which has turned the spotlight on the region attracting interest from many sides.

Moreno Moroni has contributed to the implementation of the various international auctions of truffles, for Tuscan truffles and then for the Italian ones, so high profiled events that have been broadcasted by the most important television networks.

  • The International Auction of the Tuscan Truffle
    2003 – 2007
  • The International Auction of the Italian Truffle
    2008 -2010


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