Like every year, the appointment with the exhibition market “Tartufi d’Etruria” (Truffles of Etruria) renews, and now it is arrived at the XIII edition.
The event will take place on days 6th, 7th and 8th December and is organized, as usual, by the “Associazione Tartufai delle Valli Aretine” (ATVA) (Truffle Hunters of Arezzo Valleys Association) under the patronage of the City and Confcommercio of Arezzo.
This year is part of the wider project “Arezzo città del Natale” (Arezzo city of Christmas), which the Municipality created a specific website.
There will be 20 exhibitors from Arezzo, Province and, since this year, some participants from outside the region, such as organic honey of Terni or onion of Cannara.
Obviously, the main products are truffles and their derivatives, but also honey, cured meats, cheeses, fruits, chestnuts, craft beer, oil, wine, chocolate and other local products.
You will find exhibitors from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. under the portici (arcades) of Via Roma, Via Ser Petraccolo and Piazzetta Sopra i Ponti.
Villa Magna Farm is waiting for you with its precious white and black, and the selection of preserved products.

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