The law absolutely prohibits the use of this animal, while in other countries such as France is still used.
It is believed that the pig has a more developed sense of smell than the dog, as it is much more used to staying close to the ground and use its nose.
Female specimens are used because the odor of truffles remembers the hormones released by the male.
The training is not as difficult as you might think, it is similar to training dog, because they are naturally attracted to that smell.
The method of collection is similar, it must be stopped before it will eat the truffles and award, but due to the size of the pig some quite expensive expedient is necessary.
First of all it can be used until to a certain size, beyond which it becomes difficult to transport and manageable, serving means larger than the simple car trunk, and it should be tied with a leash to a thick rope, considering, finally, that in some cases it may be dangerous to humans attacking it, even fatally.
The environment is heavily deteriorated by this animal, because with the nose tends to rummage in the ground, sometimes causing irreparable damage.
Finally, it is evident how it is not sufficient a dog -house and a garden to house it, but it requires the appropriate spaces, a significant amount of food, not to mention the smell that it emanates.

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