Olfactometer or Electronic Nose

For several years, researchers are engaged in the construction of the so-called olfactometer or electronic nose, a tool that should definitely supplant the use of truffle dogs. At the moment, there are several studies and prototypes, but nothing certain about its real functionality.
In general, the device is based on a range of sensors to collect and analyze air samples and to identify the characteristic aroma of truffles.
Considering the efficiency of the tools used in the search for gas leaks and that the main compound of the aroma of the truffle is the 2-methyl-thio-methane, in theory could be used successfully
The main problems have been encountered so far are the difficulty of calibration for all individual species of truffles and the heaviness of the instrumentation.
Probably it will take a few more years of study and experimentation before you see it used in the hunting truffle and consequently the legislative recognition.

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