The province of Siena, known for excellent products such as wine and extra virgin olive oil, thanks to a unique and varied environment, is also famous for its truffles.
Not all seasons are the same, in fact, the sudden climate changes are a demonstration, but, on average, this area of Tuscany offers interesting opportunities for truffle hunting.

Surely, the precious white truffle is the one that grows better, but, among woods, creeks and rolling hills, there are also excellent black and bianchetto truffles.

Over the years, we have explored the territory of Siena and identified the most productive areas.
The fruit harvested results in most cases of a roundish and excellent quality when tasted in the dish.
To all those who love nature and animals, who are curious to know more about the world of truffles and their research through the work of trained dogs, we recommend book our tour or order, when available, the fresh truffle just harvest.

We remember the periods of our tours around the city of Siena, in Valdorcia and in Valdelsa:

You can also come and visit our shop in San Gimignano downtown.

This page contains all the information about the periods and the research program.
If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

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