Day by day, proposals for the sale of truffles from foreign countries are increasing, especially from the Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, etc.) and from other Mediterranean countries (Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.).
In some cases they propose edible truffles, such as Precious White, Black Summer and Winter, while others try to sell truffles that can not be sold in Italy, such as the Terfezia (or desert truffle).
Prices are also very variable, ranging from very low to even higher than the Italian current quotation.

Clearly, all this comes at the expense of competition, of legality and especially the health of people, because origin and traceability of product are completely unknown.

Recently, we received a request for advice on a white truffle bought in Romania.
First of all we became suspicious about the period of purchase, in fact in June we can find only summer sruffles, in fact, when we saw the product live, it was absolutely clear that it was not a truffle.

From the photos you can see how not even the shape and the color can remember it, even less the internal veins. Last the smell, almost non-existent and unmistakably mushroom.

Unfortunately, you can always find people who take advantage of the confidence and lack of knowledge of some buyers. We always recommend to rely on professional operators and check the seasonality of the fruit, even if supermarkets got used us to having any product for all the year.

HERE is possible to see description and collection period of the most important truffle species marketable in Italy.

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