Regarding the history of Milan a lot has been said and how it has become an economic pole over time, not only at the national level but also at the European level.
There are a lot of reasons, and the current success is confirmed by the latest data that still place it with the highest income per head of Italy.
Over the years, this has pushed many investors and entrepreneurs to bet on this reality, that has allowed to reach important results.
Milan, the world capital of fashion, at the top of industrial design, marketing and communication, with a state-of-the-art university, taking advantage of the resonance of the recent Expo, it has continuing to be a point of reference for restaurants and for high food and wine.
In Milan there is the freshest fish of Italy, caviar, a selection of wines, various typical products for connoisseurs and truffles from the regions of Italy.

Thus, especially the white truffle, but also the black one, for many years, are offered by top-level catering by starred chefs and, when the prices are not too high, even from small restaurants and pizzeria.
We have been present in this city through fairs and events from some years, supplying fresh truffles and other truffle products to private, restaurants and distributors.
Moreover, our project provides a direct offer not only to Italian and foreign tourists, but also to citizens of Milan. So, for all those who, after doing a classic city tours visiting museums, monuments, or a walk in Corso Como rather than in Piazza Duomo, feel the need to try something different. Here we have thought of an original and funny activity: the truffle hunting.

This activity, typically carried out in wild, can amaze you if proposed in Milan, but its geographical position allows you to reach different locations within an hour’s drive where you can try the experience of being accompanied by an expert truffle hunter (for example in Bergamo, Lake Como, Pavia).

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