Rome, “Caput Mundi“, “Città Eterna“, capital of the Italian Republic and Urbe for excellence, was the first metropolis of humanity and still remains the most populated Italian municipality. The only city that has within it an entire state, “Vatican City”, the cornerstone of Christianity. According to legend, it was founded by Romulus, first of the famous seven kings of Rome, in 753 BC. Then it continued with a monarchical system until 509 BC with the establishment of an oligarchic republic. From here begins a period of internal struggles between patricians and plebeians and continuous wars with other Italic peoples (Etruscans, Faliscans, Latins etc.), thanks to which it became the owner of Lazio. After that Rome led several wars that allowed it to conquer the peninsula, from the central area to Magna Graecia (Great Greece).
In the III and II centuries BC there were also the conquests of the Mediterranean and the East thanks to the Punic Wars; also the first Roman provinces were established: Sicily, Sardinia, Corse, Spain, Macedonia, Greece and Africa.
The II and I sec BC were the years of Tiberio and Caio Gracco, of Caio Mario, Licinio Crasso up to Cicerone, Giulio Cesare and Ottaviano, who in 27 BC became “princeps civitatis” under the title of Augustus.
Then for Rome started a period of decadence, from the sacking of the Visigoths (410 AD), followed by religious buildings construction by the following popes. It was a brief interlude in the attempt to return to the power of the past, to which however others followed looting by the Vandals, until the deposition of Romulus Augustus in 476 AD, which decreed the end of the Western Roman Empire.
Visit Rome means immerse yourself in history, art and culture; it is the result of a continuous overlapping of architectural testimonies of different centuries that intersect extraordinarily with each other, for this it has been included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites (1980).
It is the city with the primacy of tourists in Italy, which crowd it daily, starting from the Colosseum, the symbol of Rome in the world, not far away you can see the Arch of Constantine to continue towards the Imperial Forums.
You can not miss a visit to Piazza Venezia where you can admire the Vittoriano, home of famous exhibitions. The Campidoglio then, the smallest Roman hill, in the centre of whose square stands the statue on horseback of Marcus Aurelius, a copy of the original preserved in the Capitoline Museums.
But Rome is also the hub of religious tourism, a symbol of Christianity is the Basilica of San Pietro, which houses among others the extraordinary Pietà by Michelangelo. It’s impossible to not visit the dome of the Basilica, where you can have a 360° view of the city.
To continue with the Vatican Museums, embellished by the extraordinary Sistine Chapel, then following with Castel Sant’Angelo and the “Passetto“, Popes secret passage used to escape over the centuries from looting of enemies. Right in front of the Castle, thanks to the numerous bridges of which Rome is rich (the famous Ponte Milvio), you can cross the Tiber, a river that bathes the city and that has always made it rich and fertile land, to arrive in very crowded Piazza Navona.
We must not forget another point on which Roman tourism is based: the food. Walking through the aforementioned Piazza or the famous “Trastevere” area, you are capturate by the scents and smells of traditional and wise Roman cuisine and, sipping a wine from the Roman castles, we could satisfy our senses with a nice plate of “gnocchi alla romana“, “bucatini all’amatriciana“, lamb or tagliolini with truffles.
In fact, the Roman territory, bathed by Tiber and Aniene rivers, has always given the population precious fruits thanks to its fertile land.
Villa Magna Truffles, with the collaboration of good local truffle hunters, offers tourists the opportunity to improve their Roman holiday with an excursion in the countryside in searching truffles.
You can follow the dogs and admire them while they sniff the precious hidden mushroom.
It is an experience suitable for everyone, adults and children, great walkers and not, where you can get back in touch with nature and its fantastic resources.
We are available to help you in the best choice suited to your needs.
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If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

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