During the period of corona virus emergency, Villa Magna farm is still going on with its working activity by respecting all the directives of the government defined in the Prime Ministerial Decree and explicatory note of March 9th 2020 (and, of course, updating documents) and in the Protection measures defined in the Food Defense guide line.

We want to inform you that:

  • According to the latest regulatory intervention by the government, agricultural activity has been included among the essential services. For this reason we have not stopped our service.
  • As the demand for fresh and preserved products has contracted, we have mainly focused on working directly on our land (sowing, olive tree pruning, chestnut tree pruning, truffle beds maintenance…).

Specifically, the most relevant measures adopted were these:

  • The rigorous observance of our HACCP self-control plan (art. 5 Reg. CEE 852/2004) integrated with a chapter dedicated to measures to combat the COVID19 has been enhanced.
  • In order to limit the contamination and the movement of people, according to the Prime Ministerial Decree and explicatory note of March 9th 2020, our employees are required to stay at home and not to come to our farm.
  • The farm was therefore managed directly by our family.
  • Office, laboratory, restroom are cleaned and disinfected every day.
  • The use of rubber gloves and certified masks is required while working.
  • The fresh truffle was collected independently with the help of our dogs in complete safety conditions.
  • Frequent hand washing with the aid of water and specific products.
  • To avoid contacts and to reduce the risk of contamination, the transformation of the product aimed at obtaining truffle-based preparations was interrupted. It will be resumed as soon as conditions permit.
  • Sign operation and pack delivery are done by respecting distance rules and by using rubber gloves.

Marco Moroni
HACCP manager
Azienda Agricola Villa Magna

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