We present the new entry in the family, Lula.
It has only two months but already proves to have a passion for truffles, as you can see from the short video below.

This is a cross between a Pointer and a Kurzhaar. This breed is the result of a careful decades selection of exclusively truffle dogs with the aim to combine the best features of the two different breeds.
The conditions to become the heir of the legendary Diana are all there. Our beloved bracco is still in a great shape, but after 13 years of loyal service, the moment of well-earned rest is near.
Now begins the training of the new entry to make it a champion. During the next months, before it will enjoy a few minutes per day to follow and bring back the truffles, then slowly, in a surge of difficulty, it will arrive to venture directly in nature.
For more details about training HERE there is a in-depth analysis.

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