After the discovery of “The Beast“, a few days ago we found the biggest summer truffle of the season, and the biggest ever in the truffle bed where it has grown.
This beautiful carpophore weighs 370 grams and has a good ripeness.
Such large pieces usually end up in showcase and dishes of some restaurant.
By express courier in one or two days we can get fresh truffles throughout Italy and Europe, in some cases in other countries of the world.

The current season, due to a winter (finally) quite cold, started with a certain delay compared to the last years. This has meant that the first part the harvest has been not abundantly, but it is constant and prolonged in the months, without sudden peaks or shortages of product.


The hope is that this situation will continue until the end of September/October, when the first white and black truffles will be mature.

This summer, not particularly hot and with some rain, makes us optimistic for the next winter season, in the hope that the damages of 2017 drought will not continue in winter 2018.

Meanwhile let’s enjoy colors and smells of this season.

We remind you that it is always possible to book a truffle hunting to see live the research and the collection of truffles.
In this period is possible to find only the scorzone truffle as in this short video:


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