Tuscany, the province of Arezzo and its Truffles

The TerritoryTuscany is a region well known all over the world for its many cultural and gastronomic excellences. Its multiplicity climatic factors and environment, along with traditions and passion, have given rise to many local quality products. The Villa Magna farm is located in Arezzo, in the middle of four valleys: Casentino, Val di Chiana, Valdarno and Valtiberina.

The geographical position of this province, the diverse landscape morphology, the presence of ravine, hills, mountains and plains, have created the ideal conditions for the growing of the truffles. On the border with Umbria, Marche and Romagna extends the Valtiberina, the valley where the Tiber river has profoundly traced the territory, creating conditions for the development of thriving activity over the years.
A plain enclosed by stately mountains that model the borders, with a rich wildlife, diversified plants and a natural heritage of gastronomic products witnesses of the history and the traditions of the area.
Our company covers various municipalities in its extension, from the Valtiberina to touch up the Casentino. The truffles that we daily pick up come from these areas, not just the white truffle, but also all the other species such as the Precious Black Truffle, the Summer Black Truffle, the Winter Black Truffle and the Whitish Truffle.
We talked about the Truffle of Etruria (Etruria: an ancient country of west-central Italy, nowadays it is Tuscany and a piece of Umbria. It was the center of the Etruscan civilization, which spread throughout much of Italy before being supplanted by Rome in the third century) precisely to identify the truffle that grows in this area.