Truffle cultivation, or truffle farming, is the planting of mycorrhized seedlings in well-suited land, reproducing if possible the same natural conditions, in order to pick truffles in compliance with the regulations and with the help of dogs. The seedlings to be planted are appropriately mycorrhized in a sterile and aseptic environment, creating a symbiotic relationship between the mother plant and the fungus.

The result is equivalent to what occurs in the wild, as cultivated truffles have exactly the same level of quality. Indeed, thanks to the care of the land and irrigation of the plant-beds, cultivated truffles are generally rounder and larger, and therefore more appreciated in the market.

It was thanks to Moreno’s work experience and the knowledge he gained in the early 1980s at “centro regionale di tartuficoltura” (regional center for truffle farming) in Sant’Angelo in Vado (PU), along with a growing passion for truffle hunting and a close bond with his dogs, that the Villa Magna farm decided to start cultivating truffles. We currently have about nine hectares of truffle-beds, all equipped with fixed and mobile irrigation systems.

Here follow some practical suggestions for the development of new facilities in order to achieve greater success:

  • Make sure that the selected area is well-suited for truffle cultivation.
  • Physicochemical analysis of the soil.
  • Eco-climatic and vegetational analyses.
  • Check the climate, exposure, slope, altitude.
  • Check water supply for possible irrigation (pond, well, stream).
  • Choice of truffle species of symbiont plants and nursery supplier.
  • Planting layout, planning of the possible irrigation system and enclosure if necessary.
  • Crop management plan.

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In particular, as regards the purchase of mycorrhized plants, along with the soil’s physicochemical characteristics, an extremely important factor is the right choice of nursery supplier. Among the many suppliers, we are able to give advice on and recommend the best in this field. In order to avoid the risk of encountering companies lacking credibility and hence of not achieving the desired results even after many years, we strongly recommend that you contact us for our opinion.

From our personal experience we can say that the systems made with well-mycorrhized plants have given impressive results so far, with 99% of the plants producing in comparison to those planted, resulting in the first harvest as early as the third year after planting. Please note, however, that full production arrives no sooner than the sixth or seventh year, considering the many variables that come into play (climate, altitude, soil, irrigation, plant care, etc..).

Truffle farming is possible not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world, where permitted by soil and climatic conditions.

For further information and advice, please contact us.

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