We want to thank all who the last weekend took part in this event and crowded our stand.
This three days were really tiring and intense, but it gives anyway a lot of satisfaction to see so many people interested to taste many flavours coming from all over the world concentrated in one place.
We did our best , and hope to have been able to satisfy all our customers. White truffles and blacks for sale had been selected to provide the best product available and we tried to accompany and advise clients in the choice .
Seeing people who come back the next day to thank you because that which you sold to him was good and he made a nice dinner, repays the hours spent standing behind the stand. Moreover, it was very funny to see the surprised faces of those who saw the six huge puffballs in exhibition.
Is estimated that about 260,000 people have gone from the market during the three days, beating the already exceptional last year’s record attendance of 240,000 person.
In the hope that this event will be accompanied by others that may revitalize our town, Arezzo, we would like to recall with the International Market with a small photo gallery.
We give you an appointment for next year, in the hope that its extraordinary success will repeat.

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