The dog and the nature are my world. I have walked alone in the woods since I was a child…at the beginning I used to fish for trouts in the mountain streams, then, once I became truffle hunter, I used to walk in the nature with my faithful friend, the dog.
Life gave me a job in the State Forestry Corps, a beautiful family, and many true friends. During my professional life, I had the chance to meet important personalities including ministers, heads of state and actors.
I conducted battles for the defense and the protection of truffle environments, enhancing the products of my land, the Tuscany. I have been involved in many projects about truffle cultivation with the aim of improving the production of truffles and realizing for our family farm more than 10 hectares of plantation.
In thirty years of experience no one like Rambo, my lagotto romagnolo, gave me such great satisfaction in the woods discovering truffles in unexpected places.
Now I relax and I enjoy to the fullest my passion as a truffle hunter…

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