The farmers market was held in San Quirico d’Orcia, on the northern edge of Val d’Orcia, exactly in the square in front Palazzo Chigi, a noble residence full of paintings by Roman artists and recently been restored.

A first day of sunshine and warm, full of so many tourists, was the setting for a unique wedding. It was a couple of Germans who had chosen to get married in San Quirico d’Orcia.

The surprise was not so much the choice to get married in Tuscany (a popular destination for many people), but as the interest, just a moment before the celebration in the town hall, for our products.

Despite other thoughts that might be there, the couple stopped in front of our stand fascinated by Tuscany’s truffles. In fact, everybody knows that Germany is now the biggest European country for the consumption of white and black truffles, and what better than to buy directly from the producer!

So, between the looks of the passers-by, relatives and friends of the couple bought our products,
instead, for the bridegroom and the bride there was a present by Villa Magna farm with our best wishes!


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