“Under The Tuscan Sun “, the Mayes’ best seller book is just the latest example which celebrated the beauty of Cortona. It was spoken already at the origins of the history, in fact, in the Aeneid Virgil tells that Dardano, the founder of Troy, was born in Cortona, hence the saying “Cortona mother of Troy and grandmother of Rome”.
The Etruscans chose it, and they built the walls, for its strategic position, because overlooking the whole Valdichiana it ensured protection and soil fertility, thanks to its rich vegetation and mild temperatures.
Climatic conditions that have remained intact over the centuries, until today.
Cortona and the Chiana Valley are an ideal place for the production of precious truffles; hence our idea to open a shop in the historic center.
You can attend many events here: from the Archidado Joust to the festival of sacred music and through “Cortona on the Move”, Cortona mix festivals (summer & winter editions), without forgetting the culinary tradition with the Steak festival and then Porcini mushrooms festival and not least, the European festival of music and folk dance and in closing the well known Cortona Fair Antiques.

Walking through the alleys and narrow streets of Cortona, surrounded by a unique and breathing air of tradition, culture and creed, we are pleased to welcome you to admire and enjoy one of the excellence of Tuscany: our fresh truffle and all of our products, at 7 Guelfa St., the downhill street on the left of the City Hall stairs.

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