Cortona is a world famous town which, from the top of the hill where it is located, overlooking the Chiana valley.
Such as Arezzo, it has very ancient roots too, both in fact were part of the Etruscan “Dodecapoli”, which was the alliance of 12 Etruscan city-states, including Chiusi, Arezzo, Volterra, Grosseto, Perugia etc.
In recent years, thanks to a good promotion and successful events, it has become more and more a point of reference for tourism throughout the province.
In addition to being known for its museums and archaeological finds, this city hides in its surroundings the precious truffles!! Among experts it is known as a good truffle area, due to the characteristics of the territory, not coincidentally borders on Umbria and the province of Siena.
For this reason and for its proximity to our home, Villa Magna has decided to offer there our truffle tour.
So it will be possible to book a truffle hunt and at the same time enjoying a nature walk and see how you search a truffle with our specially trained dogs.
All information is available on THIS PAGE.

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