Saturday, March 7th at 11:30 p.m., will be the handover ceremony of the renovated building of “Logge del Grano” (Grain Lodges).
At the same time, preparations are underway for the realization of exhibition spaces and the creation of network company formed by the winning companies of the announcement, including Villa Magna.
The aim is to create a store that puts on show the excellence of Arezzo territory, its typical products and the short distribution chain. It will not be a supermarket, where you can find everything for all year round, but rather a place where there will be respected seasonality and the quantities produced by each operator.
It will also be dedicated to tastings, demonstrations, direct contact between producer and consumer, information and any gastronomic event that will be useful to form aware citizens. Everything located in the city center, in the hope of giving a little of life to a place that in recent years is suffering from a deep crisis.
The project follows the lines of what has been achieved in Montevarchi, where the indoor market has fulfilled in February seven years of activity!
Thanks to this positive example and to outdoor “Mercatale” (farmers market) that takes place in Arezzo since almost 10 years, in whom we have believed and spent energy from the beginning, the Municipality of Arezzo has decided to repeat this experience in our city.
We’d also like to remind you that the same day there will be the March edition of “Mercatale” place under “I portici” (the arcades) of Via Roma. As always you can find us with our products every first Saturday of the month.
The intention of all manufacturers is to continue the event to keep this appointment expected by our loyal customers, with the aim of promoting and collaborating with the structure just completed, so as to give a chance to people to know us directly and at the same time to find continuously our delicacies.
See you there!

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