It’s widely accepted that the best truffle in the world is the precious white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico), though many wonder why.
First of all it has better organoleptic properties to the other truffles, with its distinctive scent, strong and penetrating.
In addition you can find it in a limited period of time, his research is quite difficult and you cannot cultivate it, further narrowing the areas where it grows. This rarity compared to other truffles makes it highly demanded and causes the high price.
Historically, except for the precious black truffle in France, in haute cuisine, and in the few places where you could eat high quality products, they knew only white.
In recent decades, however, even if the white truffle retains its primacy, other truffles such as black uncinatum and bianchetto took field, because they are cheaper but still tasty.

In Italy the origin areas are varied, but all have similar characteristics, with waterways and particular species of trees around, such as poplars, oaks, lindens.
Despite this, truffles are not all alike, indeed, the territory and the climate have important influences (such as in wine, where you talk about “terroir“). The average consumer is not able to fully appreciate them, but who is experienced, already only by the color, consistency and fragrance, is able to identify a certain area of origin; even the single tree can give different sensory characteristics compared to another truffle found in the same area.

In particular, areas where we find our truffles are the province of Arezzo, both upper Tiber Valley, where are concentrated most of our lands, and the beginning of Val di Chiana, reaching the province of Siena, in the heart of Crete Senesi, where this ground gives a unique color and shape to a white truffle which can be classified as one of the best in Italy.

Product found within our reserves can also be certified as organic for an increasingly growing niche market.
To have availability throughout the year or for those traveling cannot consume it faster and has problems of conservation, , we realize preserved jars, where you can find truffle concentrated in paste, in cream with bianchetto truffle, or mixed with butter.

You can buy everything on line, directly in our farm, at covered market of “Logge del Grano” in Arezzo, at covered market in Montevarchi or in our shop in San Gimignano, that is open from Easter to beginning of November.

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