In recent years, in Italian agri-food market, there has been an import increasing of products from abroad made by big traders.
Moreover, in the European community market is promoted the free exchange of goods, in accordance with the Community Treaties, and in compliance with the regulations. Rules governing the marketing of products with an origin outside the EEC are more restrictive.
Unfortunately it was observed that not all is subject to a control, in particular for certain categories of goods the risk is high. Think about the placing on our tables of mushrooms and truffles that come from other countries; apparently there is no difference, but on the level of the organoleptic properties and healthiness, among experts the doubts have arisen.
Be able to trace the product supply chain, means to guarantee to the final consumer that all the life cycle has been carried out in our area and not only the transformation.
For these reasons we have believed in organic farming from the beginning, subjecting our lands under a control organization, including truffles.
Use an organic truffle means to use a product that has been grown and harvested in our truffle beds, which are located in inaccessible areas, far from urban centers and from contamination.
We may release organic certification for the following species of fresh truffles:

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