Marco and Moreno are really glad to tell you that our truffle dogs Dora and Rambo, 6 years old both, became the parents of 9 woderful puppies. They’re a big group of 9 dogs, 6 females and 3 males and they’re all white as their parents.
They were born in March after 2 months of a long wait and they are fine!

Dora is a lovely mum, she always takes care of her puppies and she never gets distracted from them. She spends lots of time nursing them and cleaning them up.
On the other hand, Rambo is really jealous beacuse he sees our little dogs as competitors in truffle hunting!
We are proud of our puppies and we hope they will become very good champions!
In the next days we will start the truffle training; for all those who are interested in buying a puppy, 3 pretty females are still available.

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