Alla scoperta del Teatro Petrarca” (discovering Petrarca theater), this is the name of the interesting initiative promoted by centro guide Arezzo (Arezzo guides center) and the Municipality.
This experimental service will last one year and will be entirely free.
All of us, when we think about the theater, we imagine ourselves seated on chairs watching the actors on stage, but that is only a part of a theatrical performance, because a lot of work is done behind the scenes where the artists are preparing, they change, makeup artists fix them up, stagehands work on the sets etc etc.
This series of visits has the aim of showing the stage machinery of the theater that dates back to 1800.
First two appointments are Saturday, December 17th, 2016 and Saturday, January 7th, 2017, then they will be monthly in conjunction with fiera antiquaria (antiques fair), subject to availability of the theater, and will be advertised on facebook fanpage of Arezzo and province guides center and on the homepage of City website.
Visitors will be divided into two sessions, one at 10 A.M. and another at 11:30 A.M..
There are also available other languages besides Italian.
For reservations, simply write an SMS to +39 334 3340608 or email to indicating the number of participants.

Petrarca theater is the most important and the most prestigious of Arezzo. Wanted by “Società Anonima” (Anonymous Society) composed of Arezzo citizens, which then in 1828 changed its name to “Accademia Teatrale Petrarca” (Petrarca Theatre Academy), it was inaugurated April 21st, 1833 after three years of construction.
Over the years it has been continuously renovated and expanded, and the recent restoring brought it back to its former glory, furthermore updating it with current safety standards.


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