Truffle Sauce is certainly the most common and most versatile product.
The typical question is “where can I use it?” and the answer is even simpler…everywhere. Everyone can enjoy combining it with any dish.
We suggest you the easiest and fastest!


Spread over freshly toasted bread, it releases all its smell thanks to the warmth of the bruschetta.


It can be used as a sauce to season both fresh pasta (tagliatelle, tagliolini, pici etc.) or dry pasta (spaghetti, penne, rigatoni etc.).


We recommend you to put a spoon already while you beat the eggs, so that the omelet incorporates the sauce, then distribute it over the end of cooking.


A simple freshly baked margherita can be transformed into a tasty pizza by adding a little sauce


Mushrooms and truffles are always a great match for the meat.


Are you tired of the usual tuna or ham sandwiches? Change the flavor by using the truffle sauce, either alone or in combination with cold cuts.


You can add sauce in the classic filling used inside the stuffed pasta or turkey.

And you, what is your personal recipe? Write it in comments!

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