The town of Noli, in collaboration with the local Slow Food Savona/Noli, organize the second weekend of September (Friday 6th to Sunday 8th September 2013) the ninth edition of “La repubblica del Gusto”, at the Lungomare dei Pescatori.
We will participate in all three days.
The fair was created to raise awareness of the local fish and in particular the cicciarello, as well as the problems of fishermen and how they constitute a real oversight of biodiversity compared to large farms.
The event will be attended by almost all the exhibitors of Liguria and others from other regions, as well as the stands of the products at zero kilometers, for the development of local agriculture.
There will be also a delegation from the German city of Langenargen, twinned with Noli, which will offer samples of beer and wurstel product in the area of Lake Constance.
The big attraction will be the frying of fresh fish caught from Noli. Thanks to a derogation granted for the occasion, you can watch the spectacle of net fishing pulled from the ground (sciabica) in front of the point where the frying will take place.
The Province of Savona, even for the 2013 edition, gave at the event the brand “Ecofesta” (bio event), providing free all the biodegradable material, for the storage and processing of food products. Liguria Region officially gave recognition to the City of Noli for recycling within the fair.
Sunday 8th will also be held the 34th edition of the “Regata Storica dei Rioni” (Historical Regatta of the Districts), preceded by the opening ceremony in the Chiappella square, with beautiful medieval costumes to present the crews competing.
After the show in the square, the procession will march through the streets, up to the promenade, where the teams will compete to win the “Palio dei Rioni”.
It promises to be a beautiful and interesting event full of events, impossible to miss!

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