Anyone who surfs internet knows that e-commerce means the purchase or exchange of goods and services through electronic devices, whether the traditional PCs, or the most modern tablets and smartphones through mobile data networks.
Despite the crisis is hitting all over the world in recent years, the sector of online commerce is rising everywhere, especially in emerging markets such as Asia, but also in the West has a constant growth rate.
Italy, in this area, is further back than the other European nations, but it is growing at a fast rate.
This new type of sale has both advantages and disadvantages.
The fears and major issues concerning the distance between the parties, any instances of fraud, no possibility to physically see and touch the goods, the difficult interface in case of need, the problems arising from shipments (break, late delivery or loss of the goods), taxation and legislation in different countries, fear of using credit cards online and other cultural limitations.
The advantages of this trade are considerable.
Rather than browse through the shops in the city to be able to find a particular product, resulting sometimes our fruitless search , thanks to the tools offered by the network we can find what we seek with little effort and in a more focused manner anywhere in the world it is. Furthermore, in this way you can easily compare the prices and services provided by finding the best deals or best fits our needs.
The couriers tend to improve their quality standards and conform in all countries in which they operate, so with the passage of time the fears regarding shipments decreases more and more.
The methods of payment are seeking to ensure more safety to maintain the confidentiality of our data.
Electronic commerce also allows the development of jobs and new types of services, just think of the advice which no longer need to be physically located with providers, or the purchase of software and digital books, thus saving material such as paper or CD.
A remarkable revolution has been brought in the method of travel, now with the ability to view thousands of flights, hotels, destinations, read customer reviews and tips of other tourists is much safer and easier to organize a trip without the support of travel agencies .
In Italy the delay in the development of e-commerce comes not only from buyers, but also by the companies themselves, given their lack of flexibility, little tendency to innovation and upgrading, high average age of entrepreneurs.
From the point of view of the companies instead allows visibility globally, thus rewarding those who propose innovative or particular products, facilitating for example niche products that require specialized shops. Even activities carried out in more remote areas and in smaller towns can compete with those in large cities and well-equipped infrastructure. The companies that sell on internet have to export more easily than someone who only uses traditional channels.
Another big advantage is the cost of e-commerce, in fact it is true that incur costs because it requires an organization dedicated to the creation of the site and its ongoing maintenance, these costs are offset by the savings resulting from not having to necessarily have a physical store or a warehouse with certain characteristics.

First being ourselves in the privacy of the buyers through the online shop, we wondered why we did not do it as well, hence the decision to update the old site became obsolete, adding also a section dedicated to electronic commerce.
The main sales channels Azienda Agricola Villa Magna were mostly restaurants, shops and participation in fairs and markets around the Tuscany, Italy, and sometimes abroad. In this way you can only be known directly or through word of mouth instead with the web you can get in distant markets where it would otherwise be difficult or too expensive to enter. Also we can keep in touch with our customers, keep them up to date and provide you with our products without them having to look for us around the markets.
Thanks to the cart can be established with certainty and speed the cost of a supply, without having to request quotes and calculate the shipping costs, thus optimizing the time of order management.
We try to always have a small amount of products in stock, and equip promptly in case you ended someone.
With the increase in consumer demands and increasingly present eating disorders, in our site you can find all the information regarding the stored products , such as descriptions, uses, recipes, storage, nutritional values, allergens, etc. The rules of supply are constantly changing, but, thanks to the flexibility of the Internet, we can keep content up to date, as opposed to what you can do with printed brochures or catalogs. It is important for us that the customer is always informed on the existing rules of what to expect from certain products to be alerted to possible fraud, so that they can recognize those working properly and those who try to be clever.
In addition to the product data sheets preserved, there is also a section devoted to the description of the main edible fresh truffles that we produce and sell, always with a view to provide more information as possible.
Unfortunately, with the internet you have the feeling to lose the human contact with customers, which we believe is irreplaceable, but we try to decrease the distance remaining always available due to availability via e-mail or mobile phone. It is always possible to come and visit us at the fair or at the counter directly at our office located in the hills just a few kilometers from the town of Arezzo (Tuscany).

We offer our clients our proven professionalism and seriousness acquired over the years, trying to ensure quality products.
It is also important to provide rapid responses and shipments, in fact we have partnered with some of the best Italian and international express couriers.
The packaging is well-finished, to try to avoid as much as possible accidental breakage during transport.
Finally, the methods of payment accepted are only safe ones, such as bank transfer, cash, credit card through PayPal International Circuit, created and developed for their purchases online.
Each shipment is accompanied by the receipt or invoice .
For more details you can refer to our CONDITIONS OF SALE.

The Farm Villa Magna , in addition to the marketing of fresh and preserved truffles via its online shop , it offers many other services:

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