San Gimignano, a town overlooking the Val d’Elsa, is known all around the world for its towers, for its beauty and for its important wine and food tradition. In addition to saffron, honey, wine and olive oil, the environment surrounding the country hides some precious fruits, such as truffles, that further improve the territory.
The Val d’Elsa area is “suited” especially for the Precious White Truffle (T. magnatum Pico), but also for the Summer Black Truffle (T. aestivum Vitt.) and the Whitish Truffle (T. borchii Vitt.). The traditional truffle hunting with dogs is carried on by truffle hunters for many years now, moreover the famous towns of San Miniato, Volterra and San Giovanni d’Asso are not far away.

Tuscany not surprisingly, characterized by a diverse environment, it has several truffle productive zones and it ranks amongst the most important Italian regions for the quantity and quality of the harvested product.
Villa Magna Farm has bet a few years ago on San Gimignano focusing on two factors: on the one hand picking directly truffles with their dogs, on the other hand selling the product collected in the farmers’ market that takes place on the second Sunday of each month and recently in his shop in the downtown. In addition, in collaboration with local stakeholders, the idea was to expand the range of products and services for the many tourists who visit the Val d’Elsa: thus was born the truffle tour.
Even for travelers of the famous Via Francigena, which make stops in San Gimignano, there is a chance to try a real truffle hunting walking over the hills around Siena, thus making them pilgrimage even more special.

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