• Rice:
  • Traditional method (before the refrigerator) today passed. Truffles were put inside a glass jar full of rice.
    Advantages: it absorbs the moisture released from the truffle and decreases the air inside the jar, in particular oxygen, which is one of the main causes of the deterioration of the product. In addition, the rice that was used was integral, it had a layer of unsaturated fats outside that solubilize the truffle aromas, being able to be reused in the kitchen so “truffled”.
    Disadvantages: The rice absorbs too much the aroma and day by day it dries excessively the truffle.

  • Refrigerator (+3 / 5 °C):
  • It’s the best way to preserve the fresh truffle.
    Duration: 7/20 days depending on the degree of ripening and species.
    Wrap it in paper towels, or yellow paper or cloth and fits into an airtight plastic container, glass, polystyrene or put under vacuum-seal. It is recommended to change the enveloping material at least every 2 days to prevent the fermentation of the product because the truffle loses humidity.

  • Outside refrigerator:
  • It is contraindicated because the product loses perfume, weight, texture and become dehydrated.

    • Winter: a few days if it’s cold
    • Summer: 1/2 days, depends on the temperature
    • Transport: the shortest possible time


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