• Deep-freeze/freeze:
  • Duration: 1 year, it is the maximum period of storage.
    You have to wash the truffle very well, then you have to dry, finally freeze whole. If possible, it is a good practice, to put it in vacuum-seal. Alternatively, it can be grated and incorporated into butter softened with a fork and frozen into jars, so the aroma remains imprisoned in butter. Check the expiry date of butter. Instead of butter is also used grated cheese.
    In all cases the product should be used frozen, heated and be able to recover the portion of perfume that has remained.
    Advantages: in moments of great production you have the opportunity to stock it up. It is useful for example in restaurants, which sometimes cannot find the product or have difficulty in managing the amount of fresh truffle due to his rapid perishability.
    Disadvantages: it loses some flavour, but if you know how to work it well, it will appears pleasant.


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