Venice, the capital of the Venetian Republic for more than a thousand years, also known as the “Serenissima“, has been, and continues till now, to be one of the most fascinating cities in the world. The characteristic lagoon, its islands and the mainland constitute a group of lands visited daily by thousands of tourists both Italian and foreign; all this has led Venice to be the third city after Rome and Milan with the highest number of annual visitors.
The artistic and cultural heritage of Venice is unique, besides the famous San Marco Square, with its homonymous basilica, there are many lesser-known churches and museums, but with a timeless charm.
The culinary culture of the lagoon rests on a tradition of fish dishes and rich desserts, especially during the carnival. However, in the characteristic restaurants it is possible to try recipes based on meat, mushrooms and truffles in combination with important Venetian wines.
The activities and the tours that can be done during the year are the most varied, so in the lagoon there is never a bore. In addition to the classic boat trip to reach Murano or Burano, a walk through bridges, canals, fields, streets and an unavoidable gondola ride, just move a little to the hinterland and you can enjoy a very special activity: the truffles research.
Thanks to the collaboration with expert local truffle hunters, you will be guided for an original and fun tour, that it will offer you the opportunity to stay immersed in the nature and see how the lovely truffle dogs work.
This activity can be suitable for everyone, adults and children, from the most sporty to those who do not like to walk for too long.
Villa Magna Truffles is glad to give you valuable information to choose the right program for you.
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