In the last edition of 2013 of “Il Mercatale” in Arezzo, we had a pleasant surprise.
A French couple came to buy at our stand, and then showed us their guide, notice to us that we are named as the best in Arezzo where to buy truffles.
This news has surprised and encouraged us, as we were unaware of this acknowledgment, prompting us to continue in the direction taken. Thanks to their kindness, we have the scan of that paragraph that they have sent to us via email.

Below you can see the original text in French and its translation:

Title:GEOGUIDE; Toscane Ombrie
Author/s: Le Bris, Breuill
Editor: Gallimard Loisirs
Series: Geoguide


Villa Magna (Plan 8, B3 n° 30) Le premier week-end de chaque mois, un grand marché d’antiquités attire quelques marchands de produits gastronomiques sous les arcades de la via Roma, à l’est de la piazza Guido Monaco. Parmi eux, la Villa Magna propose des truffes particulièrement alléchantes, à des prix défiant toute concurrence et sous toutes sortes de formes: entieres, en pâte à tartiner, en condiment, mélangées à des cèpes et à de l’huile d’olive…
La maison organise également des demi-journées découverte, en compagnie d’un expert et d’un chien truffier.
Stand Angle de la via Roma et de la via Ser Petraccolo (1er w.-e. du mois)
Siège Via Eugenio Montale, 12
Tél. 0575 90 47 00


Villa Magna (Plan 8, B3 No. 30) The first weekend of every month, a large antique market attracts some traders of food products under the arcades of Via Roma, east of Piazza Guido Monaco. Among them, the Villa Magna offers particularly attractive truffles at competitive prices and in all forms: whole, in spreadable pâté, for seasoning, mixed with porcini mushrooms and olive oil….
The farm also organizes half-day excursions together with an expert and a truffle dog.
Stand Angolo Via Roma and Via Ser Petraccolo (1st w.-e. of the month)
Registered office Via Eugenio Montale, 12
Phone 0575 90 47 00

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