We received a request email for information with some photos attached.

The question was simple, what kind of truffle is it?
Already from the rind you can deduce that there isn’t a existing species of truffle (among those listed and found so far). The confirmation comes from the pictures showing the inside of the plant, the gleba should have the veins, instead it looks completely white and smooth (it is not even comparable to the immature fruit bodies (carpophores). Finally in a photo is evident as are already present the beginnings of roots, thing that makes us think to be in the presence of a bulb of a plant or flower.
Unskilled persons may easily be misled by other species living in nature, so for the collection always we recommend the use of a trained dog, while for purchasing you must know exactly what you buy, because the fraud is always around the corner.
Postpone reading the page with the description of truffles better dealt by us and by the market in general.

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