If you think about a few decades ago, move through the forest was not as easy as it is today. In fact the primary means of locomotion were the legs for most people, but those who were more lucky could use a horse and, in very rare cases, one of the first off-road.
For this reason, the old truffle hunters went out early in the morning to return to the sunset after a long walk.
Of course the areas of research were adjacent to their home, unless they stayed out for the night at a makeshift shelter.
Collect truffles for the peasants was a method to supplement their meager revenues of the camp life during the winter period, when the work slowed down.
Some truffle hunters, especially those living in the flat areas, were fitted using a bicycle for trips with their trusty dogs sitting on the barrel as if they carried their girlfriend for a walk.
Recalling those days, that appear far but not so much, we have included in our store in San Gimignano, “The Lair of truffle hunter”, an old bike with a “vanghino” (little spade). On the rack we find a nice passenger, a little truffle pig!!
Come and see it!!

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