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Traditional method (before the refrigerator) today passed. Truffles were put inside a glass jar full of rice.It absorbs the moisture released from the truffle and decreases the air inside the jar.
The rice used was integral, it had a layer of unsaturated fats outside that solubilize the truffle aromas, then being able to be reused in the kitchen so “truffled”.
The rice absorbs too much the aroma and day by day it dries the truffle excessively.
Refrigerator (+3 / 5 °C)
It’s the best way to preserve the fresh truffle.
Duration: 7/20 days depending on the degree of ripening and species.
Wrap it in paper or cloth and fits into an airtight container, or put under vacuum-seal.
Change the enveloping material at least every 2 days to prevent the fermentation of the product.
All the characteristics of truffles remain intact, allowing you to enjoy it in all its aroma.Easy perishability of the product which forces to use it in a short time and check it during storage.
Outside refrigerator
Left in open air or closed as described in previous method.

  • Winter: a few days if it’s cold
  • Summer: 1/2 days, depends on the temperature
  • Transport: the shortest possible time
No one, except that you don’t need anything to keep it.It is contraindicated because the product loses perfume, weight, texture and become dehydrated.
Deep-freeze / Freeze
Duration: 1 year
You have to wash the truffle very well, then dry, finally freeze whole. It’s possible to put it in vacuum-seal.
Alternatively it can be grated and incorporated into butter softened with a fork and frozen into jars. Instead of butter is also used grated cheese.
The product should be used frozen, heated and be able to recover the portion of perfume that has remained.
In moments of great production you have the opportunity to stock up.
For example It is useful in restaurants.
It loses some flavour, but if you know how to work it well, it will appears pleasant.
It must be used frozen.
Requires skill in using it.
Very Long-term:
Preserved jars
The product is sterilized by autoclave. The product obtained is then put into jars whole, in sauces or creams, usually combined with other ingredients.
The types of preserved products are:

  • Water and salt solution
  • In oil
  • Sauces and various creams

Duration: about 2/3 years from production.

Practicality in storage, use, transport and storage, allowing you to use as needed when needed, unlike the fresh truffle which you need to estimate the amount needed before using it.You lose a little the aroma of fresh product, but overall the taste is pleasant.
In certain cases it is exalted again with the addition of flavourings.

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